1E5 (1973-1997)


In 1973 Adams purchased an American LaFrance, 1250 GPM pumper, yellow color, 1E5. At our dedication ceremony, St Johnsburg christened our new truck with bird feed. Thus, the truck got its name the "Canary" or "Tweety Bird" and thats how the name was given by our neighboring fire company's. 1E5 took the place of 1E4. 

20151201_175521 copy.jpg


20151201_175615 copy.jpg

1E5 fighting a fire  


1E5 at its dedication in 1973


1E5 at a drill on the airbase with a fighter jet flying over head 


1E5 on a call 

20151201_175823 copy.jpg

1E5 parked at Hall 1


 1E5 parked outside of Station 1